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When booking on-line you have the option to purchase worry-free booking through a third-party company which covers the following:
  • Safeguard this booking and receive a 100% reimbursement* minus the Travel Protection fee if one of the following last minute health conditions causes you to cancel:
  • Illness including COVID-19 Infection
  • Accident or Injury
  • Pre-existing Medical Condition
  • Immediate Relative Sickness or Death

*Doctor's note or death certificate required see terms and conditions for full details.

If you book by phone or on-line and do not purchase worry-free booking, we do our best to be able to refund you or offer a gift certificate for a future stay minus $25.00 for credit card processing fees.
  • 30 days or more out we will give you cost minus $25.00.
  • 7 days to 30 days out we charge 1 night stay plus credit card fees; unless we rent that space and we will then refund you minus the credit card fees.
  • 7 days or less full price of stay unless we can rent your space and then we will refund you minus $25.00 for credit cards fees.
  • We understand life happens and we try our best to accommodate you and get you a refund or at least a gift certificate. Our guest are the best and we are extremely happy you chose us for your stay. Al's Hideaway is family built, owned, and operated; when you choose us you help to support the community, help children be able to play t-ball, gymnastics, volleyball, and track. 


Q: Do cabins have a restroom and shower?
A: Yes, all cabins have their own private restroom and shower.
Q: Is there parking?
A: Yes, you park next to your cabin. You park next to your tipi, RV space and most tent sites.
Q: Do cabins have A/C and Heat?
A: Yes, all cabins have heat and A/C. Tipi's do not have heat or A/C.
Q: Are we pet friendly and is there a charge?
A: We are pet friendly and your pet must be friendly. You are responsible for any damages and cleaning up after them including poop, and hair. We only charge for the pets owners, the pet stays for free.
Q: Are there pots and pans in the cabins?
A: Our large cabins have some and I recommend if you have a favorite pot or pan or baking dish to bring it.
Q: who can use the amenities at park?
A: all our guest can use our amenities rather you are in a cabin, RV, Tipi or tent camping.
Q: Do we have food or ice on-site?
A: Yes, we have a store on-site that serves food, we have ice, and snacks. We DO NOT sell alcohol, or tobacco products.